Serious Gambling Addiction and What to Do


Everybody has once in their lives faced at least one tough trial in which the only options were succeed or fail. These tense situations will not allow any compromise for the compromise would still mean failure and defeat and one of these situations is a serious gambling addiction. It may be your friend who is suffering from a serious gambling addiction or it may be a family member or even yourself, but we can give you hope and show you what to do whenever you are confronted with a gambling addiction.

The very first thing that everybody should do who is confronted with a serious gambling addiction is to try to have the addicted admit that he or she needs help and that the person is an addicted person. It takes self realization and willingness to change in order to bring about change for the person, who is addicted, or everything else down the steps of recovery will fail and the gambling addicted will end up relapsing, which means that they will go back to gambling.

The second step for a serious gambling addiction is to seek help outside of your or their comfort zone, which means that you need to look for professional help. Do not try going to a therapist or psychologist, because the addicted will be misunderstood. The right person or rather organization to go to is a rehabilitation facility where you can learn how to live without the drug and where you will most probably be introduced to self-help groups such as Gamblers Anonymous.

After you are through with rehab, you will most likely find the most comfort in joining Gamblers Anonymous and attend meetings in order to prevent yourself and others in the Gamblers Anonymous group to relapse. It is very important for the GA’s that you attend every meeting sober and not as an active addict. This means that you should not have gambled lately and you seek them out to cope with your urges and desires to gamble.

After you have successfully recovered from your serious gambling addiction, it is time to patch up the remains of your life and start anew. It is important to seek out friends and family members that you have hurt and ask for forgiveness, as it is a fundamental step within the GA. You need to look ahead and start building your future as a clean, sober person who will never suffer from a serious gambling addiction again.